Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Woke up this morning not really planning to wear red, you know, in honor of Valentine's Day. But, there is one thing I always wear on Valentine's Day, which has red in it...

Norton jacket (super old!),
white button-down (Winners, another old item),
Seven for Mankind jeans (Holt Renfrew Last Call),
Aerosole boots (Winners)

... my dad's tie, that is...

... which led to more red, kinda'...

Betsey Johnson belt (Winners)

I say that's enough red for the day, eh?:p

Jessica Simpson
(The Bay)

Here's to all the couples out there celebrating their love in whatever way, and the single gals, and guys, who never lose hope and continue to put themselves out there in the name of love all while celebrating singlehood.


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