Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I managed to get up on time today, yay! Well, relatively speaking...

Effetti Moda shirt (Winners), H&M vest,
Gap cropped trousers, C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot),
bracelet (The Bay)

I love this vest but every time I wear it, I feel like grabbing some plates of food and putting them on a tray to serve, no disrespect to people who work in the service industry. And yes, even though I know this is not even the uniform de rigueur anymore, so to speak. Either that, or I feel like I should start talking with a drawl, again no disrespect.

Maybe it's just me eeeek... Damn all these "rules" in my head!!! If you can even call them that, hmmm...

H&M scarf

So in an effort to confuse myself even more, thought I'd add the scarf, to make it truly a mishmash, that I wouldn't even be able to describe the look. YAY!


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