Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arm Candy

Couldn't seem to shake blue of out my outfits this week.

Gap dress, belt (gift from other sis, Voluptuous),
Nicole Miller leggings (Costco),
Roberto Vianni flats (Spring? or Joneve?)

I guess this is what happens when you get fixated on something, even unconsciously.

Love the pockets on this dress. Actually, on any dress. Definitely major points for me when I see a dress I like that has pockets.:p

Anyhoot, to inject colors in my outfit, thought I'd pile these babies on...

(gifts, from mom mostly:p)

With all that color and shine, how can it not make one smile, no?

And since this is Vancouver after all--

Joe Fresh rainboots

I did have to retire this rain boots by the end of the day. On my way home, I noticed a small crack on the rubber, by the side:(

What was in there? Why...

... these cuties! Gotta love these flats, no? I realize they're meant to be worn when a woman needs reprieve from her sky-high heels, but hey, a flat is a flat is a flat, as far as I'm concerned. I hear flats, I come a-runnin'...




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