Tuesday, 28 February 2012


And back to business...

And of course, it's just been steady bussssy at work, blech!

Which didn't keep me from taking pics, of course, pfft...


So to recap the last few days, here's how the days went by:

This little piggy actually went to work one day wearing this...

This little piggy decided, the day after that, to invoke the gods of spring...

Joe Fresh tunic top, Gap leggings, Bjorn boots (Winners)

Did it work, you ask?

This little piggy then reverted back...

Dalia sweater (gift from mom), H&M top,
Nicole Miller leggings, Aerosole boots (Winners),
Nygard necklace (Sears)

Then the weekend arrived, and this little piggy just rested, for the most part. Translate: plopped on the couch, for the most part.

This little piggy, once again, headed back to work and heard it was going to rain, but couldn't bear to wear winter clothes head to toe so she compromised...

Grace jacket (super old), Black Rain rosette blouse (Winners),
Urban Planet leggings, Clarks desert boots (Winners)

Later that day, little piggy realized that she lost an earring. A fairly new one that quickly became a favorite, so she was quite bummed:(

Then, this morning, this little piggy heard it was gonna be a cold one, with a possibility of snow. Ach!

Christine Gerard cardi (Winners), H&M bow-tie top,
Gap cord pants, Helly Hensen boots (Winners)

Which didn't come, fortunately...

Just felt really pooped coming home tonight... sigh... I tell ya, no stat holiday til Easter really just makes this time of the year draaag. Bah! And not sure what pill I swallowed, but I agreed to do more hours at work, on top of that! Cray cray!

Is it Friday yet?!?

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