Sunday, 11 November 2012

Getting Nekkid (Yah Right!)

Ever since my other sis brought to my attention that the color of this sweater is almost the same as my skin tone, I started associated it with nude skin.

Joe Fresh sweater, H&M collar necklace, AE jeggings,
Aerosole boots (Winners)

Don't ask me why that thought never crossed my mind when I bought it. Regardless, I continue to like the sweater. I'd like to think my skin does not look like a cable knit. Does it? HAH!

Kinda' losing momentum lately with my "writing". Not sure if it's the adjustment to the change of season, or work, or the books that I'm trying to finish, or god knows what else...

Must not lose speed... But then again, if I do, so what? hehe... Hmmm...

On an unrelated note, and late a day as it may be, just want to acknowledge the soldiers out there, both old and new, who put their lives on the line all in the name of our freedom. Happy Remembrance Day!

AND, tomorrow would've been my dad's 65th birthday. He would've been officially a senior. From down here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3<3<3



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