Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gray Shades of Winter

Ok, I realize it's not quite winter yet, but with the kind of temp we're having, it might as well be, as far as I'm concerned. Mind you, I'm not talking snow. But lotsa' lotsa' rain... wah, wah...

Roxy sweater and Tommy Hilfiger boots (Winners),
H&M striped boatneck shirt, Gap belt, Old Navy Rockstar jeans

How does one get motivated to dress up when it's so friggin' gray and wet outside that all one wants is to stay in bed, curled up under the sheet? If people think this is too casual for work, too bad people haven't seen my "outfits" the last couple of days. HAH!

H&M Divided infinity scarf, Gap fingerless gloves

... love its chunky feel...

The things we get away with, wearing what we wear at work! Seriously, right? I'm just so glad, really.

Old Navy toggle coat

Can you tell I like gray? I think I have 7 shades of it in this outfit. I probably could have piled up some more (although not really sure how that's possible) and added 43 more, which gets me...



  1. wrote Gray....heeeheee

  2. looks like I have a thing for stripes lately, cause I always end up buying something that has even 1 stripe.. I have a pair of fingerless gloves too, but what the hell was I thinking, I live in Finland now!

    1. I see stripes, I'm there too!:p LOL at the fingerless gloves. Hey at least, may be useful fall/spring, no?:)



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