Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Last month, I finally decided  to buy colored tights.

H&M dress, Tristan tank, Joe Fresh tights (recent purch), 
Aerosole boots (Winners)

I guess I didn't have the the nerve to wear this particular one til now. I loved this color the moment I started seeing it in some of my fave blogs. And I guess it took me a lil longer to figure out how to incorporate it in my wardrobe.

And thought I'd start out in small doses. Just a peek here, for now, and maybe more next time. Hah! The good thing is I love red with any shade of browns/creams/taupes.

The whole time I was getting ready, every time I looked down on my legs, one song kept sticking out in my head, Red and Black, from Les Miserables. It's just as well, since I'm getting excited, to begin with, and cannot wait for the movie version to come out. Is it Christmas yet? hehe


  1. Heehee....yes, Les Miz...can't wait!
    And love the coloured tights, although I don't like tights myself:P

    1. But these ones are reallly comfy:p Red, the blood of angry men... hahaha

  2. Red seems just meant for animal print somehow - I got a pair of red tights last year that I've worn only once. I need to remember to break them back out!



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