Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I've been seeing this look for a while now, so this morning, as I was racking my brain figuring out what to wear, I thought I'd give it a try.

Esprit button-down shirt, RW&CO necklace, AE jeggings,
Giudit belt and Aerosole boots (Winners)

I realize it's not completely out there, but I'm liking all these shades of blue.

And since today is my Monday, having my usual case of the Mondays hehe I just made it to work in the nick of time. You'd think I'd be all stressed but I was surprisingly calm, I wasn't even rushing. And you'd think I won't have bothered with my pics, but hey, priorities, right? HAH!

I did have to bring a cover. I am working in an office that is always cool in the winter and warm in the summer after all.

NIcole Miller cardi

Ah, Tuesday...


  1. I really like this...all shades of blue:)

  2. thnx! melikey the color lots too (obviously:p)



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