Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Somber Mood

Looking at the pix just before posting, I realize how somber I looked today. Bah! (It probably wouldn't have looked that somber if the jeans didn't photograph so poorly... it's eggplant shade, I swear)

Courtney jacket and Dalia shirt (both old, Winners),
Gap jeans, Clarks flats (The Bay)

It's just as well, I suppose. Had a meeting which involved some serious business (only some, as I'm still wearing jeans after all). Which got cancelled anyway! Not because the involved parties didn't show up, but more like due to some mix-up and my presence was no longer required. So much for serious business. So much for the prep that I did too. Bah!

Zazou infinity scarf (Winners)

Funny enough, today's actually the first day, ever, this year that I didn't wear a coat. Which means only one thing, that we are finally getting some warm weather (I think, I hope). The opposite of somber, no?

I think I'm still recovering from the sleep deprivation (deprivation?!? such a strong word) from the weekend. *yawn*


  1. Love your look!

    Would you follow each other? let me know on my blog ;)


  2. YAY for warmer weather:) And hey, that suit looks fab!

  3. Argh, I hate it when colors don't photograph well - at least your bottom half looked comfy-chic for your (non) meeting!



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