Thursday, 10 May 2012

Inverted Creamsicle

After the last 2 days of mostly black, thought I'd lighten the outfit mood a bit.

Gap shirt, BR knit vest, Elise M belt (Winners), AE jeans, Geox flats

By the time I added all the accessories, I thought I looked like a creamsicle, only the vanilla center became the outside flavor. No?

Last 2 days were kinda' black, now kinda' white. Hmmm...

The day went by realllly fast. With all the stuff that's happened this week, especially considering this one (very) involved case I'm working on since Wednesday, I'm just saying Friday can't come fast enough. O wait, tomorrow is Friday already! Yikes!

One of the good things out of today, another co-worker and I got to do some (more) good deed after work.

It's not summer, just yet, so the thinner coat still had to come out...

... Thursday doesn't even count, it's Friday... I'm looking forward to... I think...

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