Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Somber Mood, Part 2

Without doing it on purpose, the outfit today is devoid of punch, again... somewhat...

Line cardi, Black Rain top and I.S.I.S. cropped pants (Winners),
BR belt (Outlet), Payless flats

Is this how I'm really feeling inside? Hmmm... how can I not even know? Or acknowledge it? Hmmm... Work must be getting to me more than I realized, I wanted, I thought...

Oh, and on top of that, looking at the pix, I just realized I looked like an inverted black tulip, or a black bell (with slightly thicker ringer thing-a-magig), brought on by my awesome posture. Didn't think I looked like that getting ready this morning. Just lovely! O well...

The flowers almost seems out of place, eh?

But I say there is always hope when there's leopard print and red bows somewhere... HAH!

Metired... *sigh*

1 comment:

  1. No...the flowers look are a nice touch! And can never go wrong with leopard print.



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