Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Flower Power

When I heard that rain might be coming back sooner than the Weather Network originally predicted, I felt the urge all of a sudden to wear these pants.

jacket and shirt (old!), Tiffany necklace (gift), H&M pants,
Gap belt, Clarks flats (The Bay)


Needless to say, the pants got a lot of attention today. Good attention, thank god. At least, that's what they say to my face. I'll settle for that. hehe

I was supposed to meet some colleagues for dinner tonight but the plan got cancelled. Kinda' glad coz I'm a lil pooped. So what did I do? Stayed later at work, that's what!

Danier tote, scarf (no name)

Hump day, thank god!...


  1. These pants are just too fab, eh?! WHen I wore mine, someone actually touched them to feel the material...heehee...

  2. The same thing happened at work!!! A coworker asked me if she touch the pants! hahaha



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