Saturday, 12 May 2012

What a Week!

Now that it's Saturday, kinda' scary how this week flew by soooo fast.

Top (old), CK cropped pants and Beck men's belt (Winners),
Gap flats, Expression cuff (The Bay)

Time flies when you're having fun, eh? Actually, no. This week felt more like time flies when you wear 3 hats at work and faced with 10 tasks at a time. O well...

Didn't realize how exhausted I was until last night when I passed out briefly on the couch while waiting for dinner then going to bed by 10, passing out shortly after, and waking up at around 9 this morning. Eeeek!!

necklace (gift from friend)

Do I feel bad sleeping for so long? Definitely not. Do I feel rested when I woke up? You bet I was.

... purchased in Dec and worn for the first time

Today and tomorrow is supposed to be nice. I can confirm that for sure for today, just looking outside. And if today's any indication of tomorrow, then all imma say is, YAY!


  1.'s to the end of the week:P And I can't believe you just wore those babies! They're purrrrty!

  2. I was waiting for warmer temp, clearly heehee



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