Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No Time, No Time

I suppose this new assignment I have has got me more tired than I thought, and I'm not even realizing it. On Monday, I forgot to set the alarm the night before, overslept by an hour. Yikes! Then last night, I remembered to set the alarm but what did I do? I kept hitting the snooze button and got up almost 45 minutes later. Hey, I guess 15 minutes better than the day before.

CK cardi (Winners), Old Navy button-down shirt,
BR jeans, Expression flats (The Bay)

On a sunny note, no really, I mean, literally sunny, hehe the weather's been gorgeous. Not sure how much longer we're gonna have this kind of weather but soaking up every bit of it.

Feeling that itch again to wear every imaginable color I have in the closet. Fall is just around the corner, after all, as in 3 days around the corner, no?

Is the weather alone enough to make up for the busy-ness of work lately? Not really, but it's a mighty fine consolation, for sure..



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