Saturday, 8 September 2012

Red, and White and Blue (Stripe)

American or not, to me, it's just so easy to gravitate towards these color combo.  It's a no-brainer, easy on the eye, simple and classic. It's not just me, I know that.

Anne Carson jacket & Betsey Johnson belt (Winners),
H&M shirt, Esprit shorts, Payless flats

I've had this jacket for what feels like forever. I know it's time to move on and part with it, but I just can't seem to, despite having even seen a grandma wearing the same thing, no offense.

I've also had this shorts for a while now and every time I consider donating it, I always seem to find a reason not to, aside from the fact that it was a gift.

Well, one of the jacket's pocket got caught on my desk yesterday and the entire one side of the pocket ripped. Seeing that I'm sewing-challenged, I think I may have just found a reason to let it go.

Another well, I just realized looking at these pix that I looked like a swallowed an entire watermelon and it landed on my hips. So, I think I may have just found a reason to let this one go too.

Moving on...

"Red, white and blue..." and coulda added "stars over you..." I suppose, had I been wearing my star-print scarf ... Instead, just "Red, white and blue..." with leopard... Ok, that doesn't even make sense...

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