Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back (Hidden) Details

The days just seem to be zooming by for a couple of weeks now. Gah!

Attitude top & Jessica flats (Sears),
Citizens of Humanity jeans (Aritzia)

Work seems to be getting the better part of me... tut-tut...

Line cardi (Winners)

Anyhoot, with the temp starting to dip slowly but surely, layering time has begun. And I'm all for layering, not only to warm me up, but also, I find, because it's a lazy way of hiding a multitude of sins. HAH! The only thing with layering is it can also hide details that you don't mind showing.

... especially when it's in the back. Too bad, eh? I love those shiny buttons and the stitching on the pockets.


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