Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How January is Shaping Up, So Far...

Been sick since evening of NYE, blech! Not a good feeling to start the New Year, and while you're on vacation at that, more blech! But it is what it is...

NYE Party was more fun than I expected. I suppose that's what happens when you have no expectations at all, in the first place. Fun!

Daniel Hechter blouse (Fairweather),
H&M faux leather pants,
Born boots (Winners)
Traditionally, we wear polka dots for New Year. Why? Polka dots supposedly signifies coin which signifies money which signifies wealth. Go figure. Never been the type to adhere to such thing as an adult, but this year, I thought it'd be fun:)

And since it's a NYE party, gotta have some bling, no?

... other sis and me:p

By New Year's day, my sniffle has turned to full blown cold so the entire day was spent on the couch, just watching movies *ah, bliss*

By Monday, I probably could've spent the entire day again at home, but this is a vacation after all meant to be spent with family and friends so I did push myself to get dressed and go out for dinner.

Jones NY coat & Patagonia boots (Winners),
Tignanello purse (gift from sis),
AE jeans

Ok, "getting dressed" is debatable, I admit. Hah! Well, I just wanted to stay warm!

Gap knit cap
 All I cared for was that I was covered, head to toe. Besides, winter has now really kicked in, and it's CCOOOOLLLDD!!!

I wouldn't say I'm feeling 100% better, but I think I'm getting over it now. Thank you, Advil, Tylenol for Cold and echinacea! heehee

Tonight was spent out for dinner with all sides of the family. My family, my in-laws, and first sis' in-laws:)

Rafaella buttondown shirt & Aerosole boots (Winners),
BR knit vest, Gap cord leggings

... love the tiny cable knit

Rachel Roy ring (The Bay)

They say it's good to feed a cold. At the rate I'm going since I got here, I think it's safe to say that I've been doing that, since that's all I've been doing, really, since I got here- Eat! eeeek

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