Monday, 9 January 2012

Lounge Wear

First day back at work today, blech! Wasn't even supposed to come in today but I made a commitment to come in and work extra hours. What was I thinking!

One thing for sure, I was not in the mood to get dolled up. I just wanted to be comfy. That's not wrong at all, is it?

Nicole Miller cardi & leggings (Costco), H&M shirt, 

If not for the boots, I know I looked like I was ready to go to bed. Meh!

C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot)

Felt kinda' surreal to be back at work. I always go thru this kind of feeling after a holiday. Not surprising, my brain was still on vacay, I thought. I know I was functioning at half the capacity. O well...

Old Navy coat

Is it Friday yet? heehee



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