Monday, 19 December 2011

Ode to Danny Zuko

As much as I want to say I've started the countdown to my vacay, I can't, bah! So much work stuff still happening, more bah!

Funny enough, I think my brain has gone on vacay already tho' as far as dressing (up) and getting ready in the morning is concerned.

Poetry cardi & Born boots (Winners),
Paris tee (Fairweather),
AE Outfitter jeans
Was this really the best I could have come up with?!? Sheesh...

Guess I was feeling kinda' retro, in a Grease kinda' retro, but not feeling the girly this morning. So, no Sandy Olsen for me. Instead...


I did put pull my hair back with a band and wore a hoop, does that count? heehee...

See, is my mind on vacay now, or what! Well, it'll be nowhere near as chichi as Paris, but it's even better... it'll be where family is, yay!!!


  1. Yes! He's got the chills, they're multiplyin... LOL



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