Saturday, 10 December 2011


Thanks to someone else's recent color obsession, the color got stuck in my head, heehee...

Chapter One blazer, CK jeans
and Helly Hansen boots (Winners),
Gap sweater and tank (Outlet),
JNY necklace (The Bay)

Although not showing, the color even shows on the stripes and lining of the blazer. Thanks, someone else!!! LOL

... love the patina on it the more I wear it...
and the subtle winter pattern on it (as if I need more reminder)

And just like any best laid plan, what I thought would turn out to be a quiet night last night turned out to be otherwise, in  a good way. From a supposedly quiet evening to be spent at home, last minute change of plan made the evening spent at a party. Partyin', partyin', yeah! Yay!:p

And yes, went to the party straight from work. Hah!

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