Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day Aftermath

Yesterday, which is becoming an annual tradition, was spent at the mall to "celebrate" Boxing Day. And since it was a day dedicated to shopping, *gasp* I knew I had to be dressed comfortably, and conveniently, y'know, for a quick change, if necessary, to save me a line-up in the fitting room. heehee...

H&M scarf, BR tunic shirt, Urban Planet leggings,
Aerosole boots (Winners)
...my trusted leopard scarf:p

And may I just say the mall, especially by the time we left, was CRAY CRAY busy!!!

But no cray cray-ness can distract us from our mission, that's for sure! HAH!

Damages done:

From top left: Old Navy coat ($7.49!!!:p), Old Navy plaid coat,
Gap puff jacket, and Forever 21 cardi
C'est Chic boots ($20!)
Danier tote
I thought I did ok, not overly crazy, just right. Seriously! I was looking for a puffy jacket, which I got. Granted 2 more were added that wasn't planned, eeek, but I haven't bought a coat in 3 year, if I may add. 3 years!!! And really, these 3 coats, cost me total of $69.50, and that's with tax!!! That's like average of $23 per coat!!! Now that's cray cray, right?!?! LOL

The tote, although not quite planned, was kinda' brewing at the back of my mind, for a loooong while now. Seriously! Eversince I've spotted this Zara tote in one of my fave blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, as she used it here, here, and here... hehe... Now, why didn't I just buy the same Zara tote? Guess I could have, but I didn't... for various reasons that only my brain can comprehend:p

So there! Seriously, that's it! Seriously!

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