Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shades of Brown

Better than "being blue" or in "gray area", no? Nyek, nyek, nyek

Simply Manakin blazer and Aerosole boots (Winners),
Gap denim skirt
I was in and out of work yesterday, had some work stuff to attend to, and dinner with friends after, so thought I'd go business on the top, casual on the bottom, a lil bit of lace and bling in the middle to suit the day. Hah!


Cannot tell you how long I've had this necklace. Don't think I'll ever tire of it...

Speaking of tire(d), here's to a weekend of resting!:p


  1. Go have a rest now:) Nyek nyek nyek...

  2. hehe why thanks! Will do (crossing fingers:p)



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