Wednesday, 10 October 2012

When You Live in a Coastal City

I may have mentioned this already in the past but I just find it really interesting how mercurial the weather is in this part of town due to the city's topography and location.

H&M scarf (recent purch), Gap button-down shirt, 
AE jeggings, Old Navy flats

Stepped out for work, and it was tad on the cool side. Just a tad.

Gap trench coat, Aldo purse

Arrived at the office, a different office, on the other side of (one of) the bridge, and it was chilly. Even too chilly for my trench. And kinda' spitting too. What's up with that!

Joe Fresh cuff, BR bracelet, gift

Apparently, crossing the bridge is all it takes to feel the difference in weather/temperature. So it seems. To me, anyway.


  1. You used "mercurial"...heehee....And I really love this outfit!

    1. I thought it was appropriate, no? Did you like it? Then I'm glad... bwahahaha... thnx:p



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