Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wide Calves and Flowers

Here's another dress that was bought near the end of summer. Seems a waste if I had to wait til next summer, no? You know what I mean...

RW&Co dress (recent purch), Nicole Miller cardi,
H&M knee-high socks, Aerosole boots (Winners) 

I gotta admit this wasn't the boots I was intending to wear. However, with the woolen socks and all (by all, I mean my wide calves hehe), the black boots I was planning to wear didn't quite work out. I even tried a second pair. But alas, no. Hence, the brown boots.

... love the bow detail:p

I suppose I'd take the wide calves. It's a reminder of the amount of walking I do. Yes, I'm just saying that to make myself feel a lil better...



  1. But the boots look great with the dress though!

  2. I love the print on that dress! And the boots are great!
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  3. I think the boots totally work - I am a fan of mixing greys and browns for fall.

  4. Thanks, ladies! In the end I did like the look. I think I just too caught up with the black boots:p



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