Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Then Come the Light Layers

Today was definitely chilly. Fall is officially here.

Old Navy shirtdress & flats, BR belt (Outlet), Gap skinny cord

I'm feeling Fall too hence the earth colors. Well, counting the minerals as well if we're talking about my somewhat shiny shoes too.

More layers were added as I stepped out when I realized it was cooler than I thought. Well, a denim jacket and a scarf. I say that's still light layering.

Which turned out to be not enough, eeeep.. O well... hehe...


  1. Very fall colours indeedy:) I lurv the shoes too!

  2. great fall colors, I always love a nice trench in this season :)

    1. Thnx:) I love trench coats too around this season but trying to hold off for as long as I could to convince myself that it's still warm out there hehe



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