Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tie A Ribbon

There's something very feminine about a tie blouse, which I like, and that quite surprises me as I'm not one to go for super girly things.

Fred David blouse, Express cardi and
Nine West belt (Winners), BR trousers,
Aldo flats
So I had to masculine-ify it a bit:p

The shoes and the belt ended up matching even though they were 2 totally different brands, bought from 2 different stores and on 2 different occasions. How about that! (Trust me they match even though they may not seem so in the pic, darn camera!:p) And not that I intended to go matchy-matchy. It was just one of those things...


  1. Lurv the whole outfit...and what? You matched your shoes and belt? Shame shame shame:P



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