Saturday, 29 October 2011

Business Casual

I admit, the term "business casual" still causes a lil head-scratching every now and then.

Someone's business wear is someone else's business casual. Someone's business casual is someone else's casual. Someone's casual in someone else's lounge wear.

Pure Cashmere sweater & Dalia Collection pants (Winners),
BR tank top,
A2 by Aerosoles boots (Sears)
I really think I should start upping up my work wear, again. Hey, if I need to dress like this, at the least, for my volunteer work, doesn't my actual work deserve the same?... Maybe... Maybe not...

? necklace (The Bay)
Nygard cuff (Sears)

Oh, and then, there's smart casual...



  1. Green is your colour for sure!

  2. Tis, eh? Keeping that in mind, for sure hehe thnx:)



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