Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cost Per Wear (CPW)

Like I've mentioned before, considering the number of times I've worn this dress, its cost per wear is probably now down to cents, also taking into account how much I've paid for it. Isn't that point of it? To always look at the end CPW every time you make a purchase?

Max Studio dress (Marshalls),
Clarks flats

It doesn't hurt that this dress, to me,  is so versatile. It's like a blank canvas, every time.

BR belt

I've even worn this dress in cooler weather, like a tunic top, in a layered look.

But for today, for an errand kinda' day, with or without belt?



  1. I vote for without...but it looks good both ways!

  2. Agree, and thanks!:p
    Comfort is the name of the game today LOL



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