Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Day of Fall

Well, it's officially fall. It is, isn't it? And right on cue, the rain came. I don't mind rain, fortunately. Otherwise, we're really living in the wrong city.

Attitude blouse (Sears),
CK jeans (Winners)

Nicole Miller cardi (Costco),
Joe Fresh ballet flats (in navy)

... and as always, I'm a sucker for back details...

For whatever reason, I actually had more stuff to lug with me to work today. My lunch and my runners for my walk home, for starter. The rest, couldn't really say since I don't know myself... I remember I had this:p It was blue enough to pick up the blue in my blouse, I thought.

2010 Christmas gift from sis

Then of course I ended up not walking as I had to work much later than usual and I was just pooped. Oh poop!



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