Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's ok, I say, once in a while

For starter, because I haven't quite made any plans for this week (and next) that I'm off work, haven't really stepped outta' the house the last day or so.

I could post my entire outfit but I don't think any one would really want to see my knit sweater which I've had since uni days. Yes, it was comfyyyyy and yes, I went out wearing it. *eeek* Figure it was only for a very quick run to the store:p

Converse low-cut leather Chucks (Pacific Boarder, recent purch)

Was meaning to buy this a while back, but I wanted to buy it at the RIGHT price point, thus "a while"... heehee

It ended being just right for the outside on a day like today, which turned out to be sunny and mild...

Will be going out for dinner later with the hubby. Maybe I'll be more presentable later. Actually, I better be, as it's my birthday dinner. HAH!



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