Friday, 9 September 2011

Chanel-Meets-Annie Hall-Meets-Waitress

Just noticed how downhill that sounds, eh? No offense to anyone. The way I see it, why channel one person when you can channel 3, no? From the quintessential dame of fashion to a character who influenced fashion to your everyday working gal...

Needless to say, one reoccurring fashion style I dig time and time again would have to be menswear-inspired. I think it shows people that, really, it shows no limits.

Must've started from my youth when I used to borrow (or should I say, sneak out:p) my dad's Lacoste shirts. LOL.

Old top (Winners), vest (H&M),
AE Outfitters jeans,
Clarks flats
I changed my accessory as the cuff made it "too" masculine. So came a "Coco" moment. Piled it on, I did, as you can see.:p

gifts from mom

Too much? Not enough?... meh...

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