Monday, 7 November 2011

Erring on the Side of, er, Boring(?)

Maybe it's  just me, but when pressed for time, I tend to reach for the boring stuff in my closet. I figure, I may not look or feel my best, but at least, I know I won't look like I got dressed with my eyes closed. Something safe, I suppose.

Dalia sweater (gift from mom),
DCC blouse & Arvida skirt (Winners),
A2 by Aerosole boots (Sears)

The funniest, well not that funny actually, part was that I woke up even on the earlier side, so... go figure...

(gift from other sis)

This was actually an original creation by other sis' jewelry designer friend. Now if only I can remember her name:o


  1. I love that skirt...not boring at all!

  2. Guess there is enough details there, eh?:p



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